Technical Support & Product Sourcing is not only a webstore that sells all types of tools at great prices but unlike many of its rivals it offers technical support and product sourcing too. We started out as an engineering merchant in 1962 when the UK was full of manufacturing and engineering companies. In the 90s and early noughties business started to move to Eastern Europe and Asia but more recently there has been something of a resurgence, at least in certain sectors such as composites, low-carbon vehicle development, biomedical engineering, renewable energy and other emerging technologies.

Although we have diversified into ecommerce and online sales, we continue to offer technical advice and a product sourcing service, which is increasingly rare today. We welcome phone calls or emails to discuss the job in hand so we can help you find the right tool for your project at the right price. Our team members have many decades of experience between them so the chances are if you have a problem, we’ve come across it before. We know our flutes from our flanges and our collets from our collars, so rest assured you’ll get advice you can count on. And we speak your language, whether you are ‘fluent in engineer’ or whether you need something explaining in plain English.

Call us on 01753 685926 / 685921 or email and put us to the test.