Morris KD150 Superclean System Cleaner 5L

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For Machine Tool Sump Maintenance & Overhaul

Superclean KD150 is a unique combination of highly active cleaning agents and effective bactericides and fungicides. It is specifically formulated for the cleaning of fouled metalworking fluid systems and works well in central systems or individual machine tanks.

Compatible with all Metcut water mix coolants or other aqueous systems. Soluble Oils,  Micro-Emulsions,  Full-Synthetics. In-situ cleaning without production loss with minimal effort and labour. Ensures optimised conditions after coolant replenishment. Will not detract from normal coolant performance. Especially effective for removal of foul smelling deposits and de-sliming.

Directions for use:
Superclean KD150 should be added prior to every change of coolant to ensure optimum life span. Additions should be made at the start of the last shift and allowed to circulate for 6-8 hours before the coolant is to be discarded. Superclean KD150 may also be added to the old coolant during the last shift prior to a coolant change.

Recommended Treat Rate
  • 1% of sump volume - For mild contamination
  • 2% of sump volume - For moderate contamination
  • 3% of sump volume - For severe contamination
For Regular Use:
For routine cleaning at the end of a coolant's life, add Superclean KD150 at 1% by volume of the total system. Continue to circulate the coolant for at least two 8 hour shifts before draining. Drain out completely, removing any debris and sludge from the sump. Rinse through with water, discharge and refill the machine with fresh coolant at the correct working strength.

System Overhaul:
If a machine has become very fouled, in-situ cleaning whilst production continues is no longer feasible. In these circumstances the sump should be drained and cleaned out as comprehensively as possible; half filled with clean water and 2-3% of Superclean KD150 and circulate the system for several hours. Repeat the above procedure if necessary. Drain, rinse thoroughly with clean water and refill with fresh coolant at the correct

Special Note:
If spoiled coolant is simply dumped and the system is not adequately cleaned, the new coolant will rapidly become infected and spoilage may start within a few hours. Cleaning of hard to reach areas and surfaces
which do not come into contact with the coolant/cleaner during circulation must also be performed. Typically a 1% solution of Superclean KD150 is sprayed onto such surfaces and rinsed with clean water. System cleaner should not be used to dose a sump to prolong coolant life byholding down bacteria levels. Whilst this procedure
may initially be effective there is increased risk of skin irritation to operator and, after a period of time, selective bacteria populations will arise which have heightened immunity. All further coolant additions will rapidly degenerate and the problem will prove difficult to eradicate.
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